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The Brief

This project aimed to explore a new direction for Liberty's Autumn Winter 2021 releases regarding the theme of romance, looking towards a genderless style reflecting the ideas of power within the individual and power as a unit together.

My role:

Photographer, Stylist, Set/ Lighting Design

Client in mind:

Liberty London

The Brief

Displayed here is a couple of photographs I have taken in order to fill and promote All We Are Uk's social media accounts, bringing forward the product into masculine current streetwear trends.

My role:

Photographer, Location Scout, Stylist


All We Are UK

The Brief

A series of photographs I named 'Infectious' in the easing of lockdown restrictions to highlight where I

thought editorial fashion would begin to lead towards.

My role:

Photographer, Location/Model Scout, Stylist

[Self devised project]

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